Charles L Applegate

Some hunting in Kings County NY probate records and some work with the census and we now have a much more complete picture of him.

5C1E3F Charles L. Applegate, born 1846; died April 19, 1915 in Brooklyn, New York. He received a parcel of land of 37 acres containing his father’s homestead in his father’s will. He was enumerated in the 1870 Census in Brooklyn, NY. He was 24, born in NJ, a cashier, and residing in what appears to be an apartment building. There is no sign of a wife or children. (1870 US Census, NY, Kings Co., 4th Ward of Brooklyn, p. 76, 369/500). In 1900, he was enumerated at 80 Christopher Street, Manhattan, New York City. He was single, born in May 1847 in NJ, and a lawyer. (1900 U.S. Census, NY, New York Co., Manhattan Bor., Ward 3, Dist 1/98, Sheet 10A, 38/236). Also living in the household is Virginia Lurgaard, Female, born in NJ in August 1860. Virginia is identified as both a “lodger” and a “servant”. I believe Virginia Lurgaard is the same person as Harry Lurgaard and will eventually become Mrs. Hattie V Applegate

In 1905, Charles was back in Brooklyn. He was enumerated in the 1905 NY State Census at 78 Water Street in Brooklyn–one of the properties he would later bequeath in his will. He was 56, born in the United States, and a lawyer. Also living in the household is “Harry Lurgaard”, whose sex is not given. “Harry’s” relationship to Charles may be “cousin” (the writing is very hard to read, and “head” was crossed out in the box). (1905 NY State Census, Kings Co., Brooklyn Bor., 4th Ass. D., Block F, 12th Elec. Dist., p. 25).

Charles made his will on June 8, 1907. A transcription of it is attached as an appendix. The will appointed Charles’s brother A Martin Applegate and his wife Hattie as executors.

Charles died at his home at 78 Downing Street, Brooklyn, NY on April 19, 1915. His will was submitted to probate by his wife Hattie V Applegate on May 24, 1915. A transcription of the petition is attached as an appendix. In the petition, Hattie identifies several heirs at law and next of kin of Charles, namely:

A Martin Applegate, brother, residing at South River, New Jersey
John S Applegate, residing at Helmette, New Jersey
Hester Soden, sister, residing at Spottswood, New Jersey
Benjamin Crabiel, son of sister Sarah (Applegate) Crabiel, residing at Milltown, New Jersey
George Crabiel, Elsie Crabiel, Joseph Crabiel, Charles B Crabiel, Margaret Snedeker, and Ewing Crabiel, children of Joseph Cabriel, deceased son of Sarah (Applegate) Cabriel.

Charles owned a large amount of property–mostly in Brooklyn, but also the farm he inherited from his father Joseph and some vacant lots. By his will, he distributed two houses and their contents in Brooklyn and bank stock to Hattie; a different house in Brooklyn to his brother A. Martin; two houses in Brooklyn and the farm inherited from his father to his brother John S. Applegate; another house in Brooklyn to his sister Hester; and finally seven vacant lots and any other property to his brothers John and A. Martin.

Nothing was left to any children, nor are they ever mentioned. I believe Charles never had any.

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