More about Samuel Applegate

Back in February 2011, I posed about a mysterious SamuelApplegate in Mississippi. I’ve found out a bit more about him.

In 1860, Samuel, Susan, and Emma were living in New Orleans.  Samuel was 46 and born in KY.  Susan was 34 and born in KY.  Emma was 12, and born in KY.  Samuel was a steam boat captain.  1860 US Census, LA, Orleans Par., New Orleans, 1st Ward, 1567/1922.

A Captain Sam Applegate was one of the earliest steam boat captains in the Shreveport area.  See Texas Dept. of Ag. Bulletin Yearbook No. 13, 1909, p. 254.  (“In the Shreveport trade, Captain Sam Applegate was the leading spirit until he retired just before the war, well fixed . . ..”)

In 1864, a “Captain Samuel Applegate, Winona” was mentioned in a list of Confederate rebels to be arrested by order of Adm. David Porter.  Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion, Series 1, No. 26, p. 192 (1914).

As noted in February, Samuel and Susan can be placed in Carroll Co., MS in 1870 and 1880.

Susan made a will in 1882, which was proved in 1883 in Carroll Co., MS.  She left everything to her husband Samuel in trust for her daughter Emma McKenzie.  The draftsman and one of the witnesses was from Louisville, KY.  She may have traveled there to make her will.

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