1753-02-23 Will of Benjamin Applegate 5F

Will of Benjamin 5F

New Jersey Wills 5137

In the name and feer of God Amen

The Twenty third Day February and In the year of our Lord Seventeen hundred fifty and three I Benjamin Appelgate now of the township of Nottingham and Burlington County and Province of West New Jersey Being weak of body but of perfect mind and memory Doe make this my Last Will and Testament In form as followith ‑‑‑

First I give and bequeath to my well Beloved Son Thomas Appelgate the sum of five shillings and a demand of thirteen pounds as may appear in full of his portion ‑‑‑

Second I give to my son Benjamin five shilling in full of his portion ‑‑‑

Third I give to my son William five shillings ‑‑‑

Forth I give to my son Richard five shillings ‑‑‑

Sixth I give to my daughter Johannah a feather bed in full of her portion
and all the rest of my estate both Rale and personall to be put out att Interest by my executors and they to put my son Daniel to a trade

and one third of said estate I give to son Daniel when he shall arrive at the age of twenty one years

and the second third of sd estate I give to my daughter Alse att the age of eighteen years
and all the rest of my estate I give to my daughter Jomone and if any of three children shall die before age than money to be divided equally between the other two last named

and I appoint Mr. Richard Sparks and Walter Ward executors of this my last will and testament.

Benjamin his mark Appelgate

Samuel Redford   Elizabeth Redford William Miller

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