1770-11-16 Will of Thomas Appleget 5A1

Will of Thomas 5A1

Hightstown Gazette, 15 April, 1886, p. 3

An Ancient Document

Thomas Appleget’s Will

In the name of God, Amen, this sixteeneth day of Nov. Ano dom one thousand and seven hundred and seventy (1770). I, Thomas Appleget, Senior, of South Amboy, County of Middlesex and Province of New Jersey, Farmer, being weak in body, but of perfect mind & memory, But calling to mind the Mortality of the Body, Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament by me heretofore made Ratifying, allowing and confirming this & no other to be my last will & testament.

And in the first place, I recommend my soul into the Care of Almighty God, expecting eternal Life and Salvation by the Merits of Jesus Christ the only Saviour. And touching such Worldly Estates God has given me in This Life, I give, bequeath and dispose of it in the following manner and form:

And in the first place here I give unto my well-beloved wife, Sarah Appleget, Two Hundred pounds Proc. money out of money due me, and out of some part of my other personal estate, to be paid unto her immediately after my deceased by executor hereafter named, as her Dowry.

Again I give unto my eldest son, Gabriel Appleget, twenty acres of land which I purchased of John Trop, lying in Monmouth County, which I give to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

Again, I give unto my second son, Ezekiel Appleget, that house wherein he now dwells near Cranberry Brook, and One Hundred and ten acres of land adjoining unto said house to be taken or measured by a line parallel to Voorhees’s line, the west side of sand plantation which I given unto him, his heirs and assigns forever.

Again, I give unto my youngest son, Anthony Appleget, all of my now dwelling house and plantation containing about two hundred acres of land, together with all the residue of my movable estate on said premises, after all my funeral chargs and other just debts are paid out of the said moveable estate. I also given unto the said Anthony Appleget, twenty acres of land lying on the northerly side of Cranberry Brook adjoining Benjamin Appleget (5E1), and the said land and premises I given unto said Anthony Appleget his heirs and assigns forever.

Again, I order the remainder of my lands to be sold and out of the money arising from such sales I give unto my daughter Sarah Appleget, One Hundred pounds Proc. Money; and unto my granddaughter, Rachel Appleget (the daughter of said Sarah)  twenty pounds Proc. Money.

Again, I give all the residue and remainder of the money arising from the sale of the said lands unto my said wife, Sarah, together with all residue and remainder of any and all other my moveable estate whatsoever heretofore herein given.

Lastly, I make, ordain and appoint my said youngest son, Anthony Appleget, alone, the sole executor of this my last will and testament.

Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by said Thomas Appleget to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us.

Thomas Morford, Thomas Cox, Nat’l Fitz- Randolph


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