Mysterious Applegates in Mississippi Number 2: Samuel Applegate

In the 1870 census, Samuel Applegate was living in Carroll County, MS. He was 58, born in KY, and a farmer. He was living close (but not too close) to the mysterious George S Applegate. Also living in the household are Susan, age 40, born in KY, John McKenzie, age 25, born in MS, and Emma McKenzie, age 21, born in KY. I suspect Emma is the daughter of Samuel and Susan.

Samuel also appears in the 1880 census with his wife Susan, age 68, and a farmer, still living in Carroll County, MS.


There is a marriage record of Samuel Applegate marrying Susan Armstrong in Barren County, KY 0n 27 Sep 1846 that fits this couple well. I suspect this is a record of the marriage of Samuel and Susan.

If the age reported for Emma is correct and she is the daughter of Samuel, then Samuel was in MS no earlier than 1849 (Emma was born in KY in 1849, so Samuel and Susan were there for her birth and not in MS).

The presence of both Samuel and George S Applegate in Carroll County, MS, in 1870 raises the question of if there is any relation between them. If the dates for the birth of Calhoun and Emma are correct, George was in MS at least seven years before Samuel. George purchased two parcels in 1855 in conjunction with others (William Mann and William Clark), but not with Samuel.

There is a “Samuel-shaped hole” in the main Applegate tree. According to Voress, Joseph Applegate 5F1C2 had a son Samuel 5F1C2E b. 13 Oct 1812. Joseph was in KY by 1801 when he married Mary Applegate. We know nothing about this Samuel–could he have moved to Mississippi to join some cousin?

Let me know if you know anything.

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